International Surrogacy Programs

For those living outside the United States who are looking for a surrogate

Couples Outside the United States Seeking a Surrogate

The Fertility Institutes are now responding to requests from those living outside of the United States for help in selecting and utilizing a surrogate mother to carry a pregnancy to birth.

We have a selection of gestational and traditional surrogates available through both our in-house surrogate recruitment efforts as well as through our association with highly qualified local agencies. In many instances, immediate surrogate matches can be arranged. Our surrogate program can be combined with our egg donor program where this type of arrangement is needed. California has the easiest and most liberal laws regarding surrogacy. If you are considering surrogacy, call us first. We DO NOT charge any additional fees for parents living abroad. Please call for more information:

Los Angeles
800-222-2802 - Toll Free
(818) 728-4600 - Direct

New York
(212) 725-1177

Co-Management Program for International Couples

Couples living outside of the United States may be interested in our co-management program. This arrangement on your behalf allows most of your surrogate and/or egg donor cycle to be managed with you remaining at home during nearly all of the treatment cycle. We coordinate your care with the assistance of your local fertility specialist. We have excellent working arrangements with many physician specialists in nearly all nations. If you have a specialist, we are happy to interface with them as well to save you the additional expense of a long stay in America. You would then come to our Center as the final treatment date nears. Please feel free to E-mail or call for additional details if this program seems right for you.

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