Insurance Coverage

We assist patients to obtain HMO and PPO benefits

Insurance Benefits

Below is a partial list of managed care HMO and PPO companies that we have dealt with. We are not "providers" for these companies, but have obtained patient benefits in selected cases. Though you will be responsible for all treatment payments, we may be able to assist you in billing for possible insurance reimbursement. We maintain a full in-house insurance billing service that may be able to assist you.

Insurance Carriers

  • Foundation Health
  • FHP
  • CCN (Community Care Network)
  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG-Producer's Health Plan)
  • AFTRA (Television & Radio Artists)
  • Blue Cross PPO/POS
  • Blue Shield PPO/POS
  • FHP
  • USC (University of Southern California) IPA
  • Great Western
  • Airline Employees Union
  • MetLife
  • Massachussets Mutual
  • Northrup
  • John Hancock
  • United Healthcare
  • US Healthcare
  • Health Net (PPO)
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plans
  • California Advantage
  • Delta Airlines Employee Plan
  • CAL/PERS (California State Employees)

Send Insurance Inquiries

Email your insurance questions to our experienced insurance counselors, or if already a patient, you may request a copy of our special patient booklet on "Dealing With Insurance Carriers in Infertility". (Please include your patient ID# if you request a booklet).

For email insurance inquiries, please include:

  • Your carrier's name
  • Your policy number
  • Group number
  • Social Security Number
  • Companies phone number
  • Your employer's name

Please make your questions brief and to the point. If you have a "Benefits" page from your policy plan, please fax this to us (818-728-4616) with your name on it. Also, it is VERY important to our counselors to receive a faxed copy of your "EXCLUSIONS" page from your plan booklet. Once we recieve your inquiry, someone from our staff will reply by phone or email within a few days.

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