Surrogacy Programs

Largest non-agency surrogacy center in the United States

World Leading Surrogacy Programs

  • All In One Centers: Physicians, Surrogates, Donors, Attorneys
  • Largest non-agency provider of surrogacy services
  • Leading provider of surrogate gestational services
  • Large selection of well screened egg donors and surrogates
  • The ONLY U.S. program with ownership affiliations in Mexico
  • World's leading center for 100%* gender selection
  • Critical procedures performed by MD and PhD specialists
  • All legal and attorney services in-house
  • Affordable high quality services
  • Financing available

World Leading Provider of Surrogacy Services

We are the largest and most successful "All-in-One" non-agency provider of surrogate services in the United States (Physicians, Surrogates, Donors, Attorneys) and one of the leading providers of surrogate gestational services in the world. We assist couples and singles considering the use of a surrogate and help those interested in becoming a surrogate.

International Programs Available!

We are pleased to announce that all medical services offered by The Fertility Institutes are available internationally. We work with affiliate clinics in over 42 countries.

Surrogacy Considerations

While surrogacy is clearly not for everyone, in our experience, many couples and singles that were close to "throwing in the towel" have found that surrogacy has provided a long awaited answer to their problems. Considering the use of a surrogate or serving as a surrogate can be an issue that requires a great many questions to be answered. We work with many, many couples, singles and surrogates, so we know and understand this:

Potential parents and surrogates that are matched through our program are united through the efforts of the dedicated medical staff in our offices, with well over three decades of successful experience in surrogacy and egg donation. The high quality services we provide are offered at prices that, in most instances are half of the prices charged by other programs.

Surrogacy Fees

Fees represent estimates for the average patient seen and are subject to minor variations (additional charges for medications are indicated as +Rx). Financial assistance is available and insurance coverage may be applicable in some cases.

Procedure Fees


We understand fully the need to obtain an accurate "estimate" of full surrogacy costs. The Fertility Institutes was  the FIRST SURROGACY PROGRAM to provide general surrogacy cost information online. There are a multitude of variables in every surrogacy arrangement. It has become increasingly difficult, especially in this age of "supply chain" shortages of medications, medical supplies and equipment as well as increasing medication costs, travel fares and ancillary expenses, to provide the "latest" cost estimates.

In an effort to to keep "up to date" with costs, we have undertaken a survey of the new parents our last 100 successful surrogacy cases.

The "average" cost reported to us by parents for the ENTIRE surrogacy cycle - exclusive of the fees paid to the surrogate but inclusive of the surrogates obstetrical care and delivery in year 2022 has been: $84,400 U.S.  Fees varied by as much as $12,000. These numbers are provided for reference only and are NOT a quote or prices. We urge you to call to speak to our financial counselors who are able to provide you far more information.

Please Call ALL required services in one location: Physicians, surrogates, attorneys, IVF laboratory. Surrogates and egg donors (Caucasian, Asian, Latino, African American) available now.

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for surrogate, egg donor and ancillary pricing.

Surrogacy Using Frozen Embryos

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for discounted pricing

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