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Surrogate Parenting with Affordable Surrogates

We urge you to compare our complete Surrogacy prices with other programs costing over $140,000. Our program prices include ALL charges. Do not be misled by programs offering surrogates with no such surrogates available. Our patients requiring the assistance of a gestational surrogate can usually be matched with well qualified, highly screened and selected surrogates within a week or two of joining our program. TOTAL program costs, including all medical and legal fees and arrangements by a surrogate attorney specialist average 1/2 the cost of similar programs.

Our surrogacy program is not of the "OPEN" variety. That is, unlike many other programs, we seek surrogates who have no objection to a parting of ways with you after your child is delivered on your behalf by the surrogate. We do not accept surrogates who demand a post-delivery relationship with the couple, and contractually require that the surrogate not attempt to contact the couple after delivery unless the couple so desires.

Surrogates are commonly used for women with recurrent miscarriages, untreatable problems of the uterus (womb) such as recurrent fibroids, uterine or endometrial scarring (Asherman's syndrome), prior hysterectomy or conditions where carrying the pregnancy would be a threat to the health of the mother to be.

"Why are you half the cost of other surrogacy programs?"

The most frequent question received about our surrogacy program is: "Why are you half the cost of other programs?". We have even had new patients report to us that they were concerned about coming to a program that seems to be far less costly than most other programs. Once they visit us as new patients however, our couples are pleasantly surprised. Our costs are kept low by a combination of providing our patients the option of referral to experienced surrogacy attorneys (one of our attorney referral sources successfully argued and prevailed in the California Supreme Court case establishing the indisputable parental rights of couples over the gestational surrogate), by applying time tested successful protocols for the achievment of pregnancy, by constantly carrying out a high volume of surrogacy cycles, and by eliminating the "middle man" price mark-ups seen in many programs and often disguised as "facility fees", "Center fees" or other nondescript fee mark-ups. We also do not add foreign visitor surcharge fees.

The decision to seek the assistance of a surrogate is not easy. We strive to ease the stress of these decisions by maintaining and making available to you one of the most experienced surrogacy medical programs available in a State whose judicial system has been wholeheartedly supportive of parents in their quest to obtain a viable pregnancy.

Surrogacy Fees

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ALL required services in one location: Physicians, surrogates, attorneys, IVF laboratory. Surrogates and egg donors (Caucasian, Asian, Latino, African American) available now.

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for surrogate, egg donor and ancillary pricing.

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Surrogacy Using Frozen Embryos

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