IVF and Fertility Programs in Mexico

Our Highly Affordable IVF, Gender Selection and Eye Color Selection Programs in Mexico

We are pleased to offer our world renown IVF services at a greatly reduced cost at our center at Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico

Affordable IVF Program - $4,200-$4,600* Standard IVF Only

PGD GENDER SELECTION Guadalajara Program: $13, 280* Eye Color Add-On: $6,200 Call for Details

We are pleased to announce the availability once again of our highly successful IVF services at our Mexico location. Costs in Mexico are approximately 70% lower than our famous U.S. programs and all services are provided under the auspices of our U.S. Board certified specialists. **PGD based ultra-reliable (99.99% for desired gender outcome in our hands) gender selection at our Hospital San Javier location in Guadalajara, Mexico facility is once again open. Call 818-728-4600 or email for update details. CURRENT TOTAL Standard IVF (non-PGD) PRICE IN MEXICO: $4,200.00-$4,600.00 U.S., exclusive of medications, anesthesia, home monitoring and frozen embryos. Hospital San Javier is Mexico's premier center for advanced Gynecology and Infertility services. Under the Direction of Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, The Division of Reproductive Medicine at the hospital has maintained one of the most successful IVF programs in all of Latin America for nearly three decades. The IVF and PGD centers are operated under the direction of the International Division of the United States based Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles and New York City.

World Leading IVF-Gender Selection and Eye Color Selection Programs

  • World leading 100%* Gender Selection Programs**
  • Mexico's first, longest operating and most successful IVF program
  • Screening for over 400 hereditary diseases
  • Now combinable with Microsort sperm sorting
  • Critical procedures performed by MD and PhD specialists
  • Affordable high quality services
  • Discounted travel plans available
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Unique to the program at San Javier is the exclusive IVF and PGD** program operations and interface with the well known and highly respected successful United States PGD based gender selection and IVF programs at the Fertility Institutes. The U.S. Board Certified physicians and genetic scientists at the Fertility Institutes, with offices and active IVF and PGD centers in Los Angeles and New York City have maintained 100% oversight and management responsibilities for the IVF program at San Javier in conjunction with leading Mexican fertility specialists since its founding in 1990. As part of their commitment to assuring the highest quality of IVF care as well as care in the intricate process of PGD** gender determination, scientific and medical teams from The Fertility Institutes provide total case oversight management, egg retrieval oversight and all PGD procedure supervision carried out at Hospital San Javier. This unique arrangement allows United States, Canadian and other foreign based patients the security of knowing that their treatment will be overseen by highly skilled and successful Board Certified American physicians and scientists while at the same time allowing them to take advantage of the dramatically lower medical and laboratory costs available in Mexico. PGD procedures in Mexico are performed, in coordination with San Javier based fertility specialists by the same highly skilled U.S. reproductive endocrinologists and geneticists that have made the U.S. Fertility Institutes a world renown leader in advanced fertility and PGD treatment.

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With the cost of U.S. healthcare continuing to accelerate at a rapid pace, "medical tourism" with U.S. patients as well as those from many other nations seeking high quality advanced healthcare outside of the borders of their own countries has mushroomed in recent years. The availability of skilled foreign specialists has been an enticement to those in the United States and elsewhere interested in the cost savings available by obtaining care at high quality foreign centers. In the case of Hospital San Javier, the best of all situations has been created with U.S. based specialists providing coordinated personalized care in a world class foreign center. The scientific demands of the IVF-PGD gender selection and genetic health screening (aneuploidy) process requires 2-3 weeks of treatment preparation that prepares couples for the PGD procedure. This preparation and treatment must be tightly integrated with the fertility center at which patients are preparing to have their PGD procedure. This mandatory coordination, until now has required those considering IVF-PGD abroad to plan to spend weeks away from home being monitored by the foreign center. With the expansion and continued growth of the IVF-PGD center at Hospital San Javier, the reproductive endocrinologists at the Fertility Institutes in the United States are able to accommodate, arrange and coordinate the care of U.S. and other foreign PGD patients interested in services at the Guadalajara center. This allows patients the opportunity to remain at home for the 2-3 weeks required as they prepare for the IVF-PGD and gender determination and aneuploidy screening procedure in Guadalajara. They may then plan on two short trips to Guadalajara of 1-3 days to Guadalajara to allow the entire IVF-PGD process to occur.

Interested patients can be initially seen in Guadalajara, at the Los Angeles or New York offices of the Fertility Institutes or can undertake a telephone intake consultation from home with the U.S. based coordinating physician team to allow for entrance clearance into the program. There is a full coordinated effort undertaken to assure the highest chances for a successful outcome. The dramatic cost savings realized with this new treatment option are allowing more people than ever to take advantage of this remarkable leap in the ability of science to allow for gender selection with a virtual guarantee of a preselected gender once successful pregnancy is achieved. To fulfill our obligation to the administrators of Hospital San Javier, Mexican patients will be given scheduling priority for PGD related procedures. We have provided all obligatory fertility services to large numbers of local patients with outstanding and ongoing success. We have now been granted authority to offer the PGD cost savings available in Mexico to foreign (U.S. and other) patients. The hospital has agreed to provide their ultra high quality facilities with NO added foreign patient surcharge. Spots for this remarkable opportunity are limited. Word of the San Javier PGD program is spreading and slots will be allocated until capacity has been reached each month. Call our Center toll free from anywhere in the U.S. at 800-222-2802 or 818-728-4600 or 212-725-1177 and ask for the new Mexico IVF-PGD plan pricing and information. You will quickly realize that your dream of a little girl or boy may be much closer to realization than ever before.

Aneuploidy (genetic health) Screening**

**Our PGD services in Mexico are once again available following a relaxation of genetic study restrictions in Mexico. Along with the ability to study and analyze the genetics of the gender of an embryo, as with the Fertility Institutes program in the U.S., the San Javier Hospital based PGD program has the ability to diagnose over 400 different genetic disorders. This is of importance to all considering pregnancy. By adding additional screening for the most common genetic disorders with the ability to complicate any pregnancy, couples may elect the option of screening for genetic disorders such as Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) and Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18). Such screening allows couples the peace of mind, within the limits of the technology, to rest assured that the chances of any of these disorders are reduced significantly. In addition, adding genetic studies to embryos before they are returned to the mother has been found to significantly increase pregnancy rates and decrease miscarriage rates.

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If you have been considering PGD based gender selection with its 100% (99.99%) accuracy in gender preselection but have been hesitant about the financial responsibilities involved, we urge you to consider this new, unprecedented option. For the first time ever, you may undertake your medical care with the ideal combination of U.S. based medical and laboratory expertise combined with ultra high quality hospital and laboratory facilities and the attendant cost savings available at Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, considered by many in Latin America to be the "Mayo Clinic" of Mexico.

If interested, please fill out this response form, being sure to include detailed contact information. You will be contacted by our U.S. team to provide you further information, answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.

We are able to assist with travel, transportation and hotel accommodations and the entire staff you deal with speak fluent English to remove any obstacles the language difference may present.

Thank you for your interest and we all look forward to being able to offer you the option of making absolutely certain that your next pregnancy arrives in your pre-chosen choice of pink or blue.

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