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What's New at the Fertility Institutes

We are pleased to announce that we are once again taking reservations from parents interested in screening their embryos for genetic health, gender and eye color. We are predicting our updated and highly accurate screening technology to be app. 90-95% predictive for eye color. Program participation requires that parents be screened genetically to determine if they carry the genes to produce a child with the eye color they seek. Call today for information: (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177

We are quite pleased and excited to welcome Dr. Cecilia Schmidt to the clinical staff of the Fertility Institutes. Dr. Schmidt was a pioneer in the development of what are now considered to be among the most advanced techniques available in Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Schmidt is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine and is a highly experienced and extremely successful medical expert and we welcome her to our expanding practice.

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