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We Are Among the Leading (Top 5%) World IVF Programs

World Leading IVF Programs

  • World leading IVF laboratories
  • Use of optional PGD to increase IVF pregnancy rates
  • PGD option for genetic screening of over 450 diseases gender and eye color
  • World leading center for 100% gender selection
  • Critical procedures performed by MD and PhD doctors (not technicians)
  • You will have one personal, concierge M.D. managing all of your care.
  • Desirable selection of well screened egg donors and surrogates
  • Financing available

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Welcome to the IVF information pages of The Fertility Institutes. We maintain our own world recognized In Vitro Fertilization laboratories at each of our centers in Los Angeles, New York and Guadalajara, Mexico. Our combined success rates for pregnancies achieved and healthy babies born have remained one of the top programs nationwide for over 30 years.

Summary of the IVF Process

Your IVF care will be carried out by a dedicated team headed by reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg. Unlike many multi-physician programs that divide patient care between sometimes dozens of physicians, all professionals in our practice will know your individual case intimately. We begin IVF cycles based on your individual menstrual pattern, rather than grouping cases together for clinic convenience. For those undertaking IVF in our program, we offer the additional options of PGD 99.9% gender selection and eye color selection that allow you to choose the sex and likely eye color of your pregnancy.

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We are the world's largest and most successful gender selection program (click here) and have performed hundreds of cases while maintaining a near perfect (99.9%) success rate in achieving the desired gender outcome!

Phase Purpose Drugs and Procedures % Reaching
this Step
Ovarian stimulation and monitoring To cause ovaries to produce many mature oocytes in a single cycle GnRH analog injections hMG or FSH injections, ovulation trigger injection, frequent blood tests, frequent ultrasound examinations 100%
Egg collection To collect oocytes before they are released from ovaries Needle puncture(s) through vaginal wall into ovaries or laparoscopic surgery 92.5%
Fertilization and embryo culture To create viable embryos Sperm preparation Fertilization Laboratory culture 90.0%
Embryo transfer To establish a pregnancy Embryo evaluation in laboratory Determining number of embryos to transfer Insertion of catheter through cervix into uterus 77.8%
(The Fertility Institutes)
Pregnancy To gestate developing fetus(es) Progesterone/other drugs* Fetal reduction* Prenatal diagnosis* SART Report
Delivery To deliver live infant(s) Cesarean delivery* SART Report

Affordable IVF

At The Fertility Institutes, we pride ourselves on the practice of Reproductive Medicine based on a solid foundation of science. Our commitment to providing the absolute highest quality medical care has resulted in an outstanding reputation with the consistent achievement of excellent pregnancy statistics. You are urged to compare our price per cycle and explore our highly discounted multi-cycle packages. For a limited time, qualified patients can obtain FULL IVF services for $7,000.00 (plus medication fees of approximately $1800.00 and local monitoring fees of app. $900) at our Los Angeles center*. Rates in New York somewhat higher but still 40% less than competing NY programs. IVF at our Guadalajara center: $5,000* (plus monitoring fees of $450 in Guadalajara or $900 locally at your home and medication fess of approximately $1800).

*Guadalajara services are payable to our Mexican affiliated providers who operate under the direct supervision of our U.S. physicians and scientists.

NEW! We now offer very low cost "Minimal Stimulation" IVF in Guadalajara for those unable to afford "standard" IVF or those that do not wish to undertake the standard dosage fertility drug stimulation protocols. This process avoids the use of most of the standard, higher dose fertility medications, instead using low dosages. This provides an opportunity to achieve pregnancy utilizing the world's most advanced infertility technologies at a greatly reduced cost. Pregnancy rates with this method ARE NOT as high as with our standard IVF protocols and this method should only be considered by those with financial constraints or an objection to standard fertility medication treatment used in IVF. The low cost pricing payable to our Mexican affiliates makes this method as affordable as non-IVF treatments that offer nowhere near the success rates as this new minimal stimulation technique. Fertility medication costs are very, very low. Please call us for additional information on this procedure. Costs are approximately $3,100 (plus medication fees of app. $400 and local monitoring fees of app. $500) which is less than one fifth the cost of standard IVF. We look forward to answering your questions about this exciting new option!

For those that may require the additional services of a surrogate mother or egg donor, we maintain our own, in-house roster of young, screened and tested University student egg donors. There are no agency fees charged for our donors. This can lead to a savings in the thousands of dollars! We have near immediate availability of tested and screened gestational surrogates as well. Unlike the often very long waits for a suitable surrogate, we are often able to effect a match within days to weeks. We are able to accommodate demanding patient work schedules by offering early morning evaluations that can put you back on the road to work efficiently.

More About Our Los Angeles, New York City and Mexico IVF Programs! Our Los Angeles and New York city programs are full service, 365 days a year fertility centers that have been in continuous operation for over 30 years and we have assisted thousands of happy couples achieve their dream of a healthy pregnancy. Our providers are all University affiliated professors and provide one on one "concierge" level services. Our Mexico programs are provided by our Mexican fertility team under the supervision of United States board certified reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists. For those in need of standard IVF procedures or those that have failed IVF at other centers, we offer a no-cost records review that often times can uncover solutions leading to rapid success. Mexico program cycle Price: $5,000 U.S. Dollars. Interested non-mexican patients should call our Los Angeles facility at telephone (818) 728-4600 or please e-mail us your name for full details. We offer travel assistance and coordinate all arrangements including arranging local preliminary monitoring near your home to keep your visit in Mexico limited to as short as 3 days! Call us today. You could not choose a safer, more affordable way to undertake IVF at Mexico's longest operating, most successful IVF program operating in a U.S. approved full service acute care hospital with the most modern facilities available. You are urged to beware of other Mexican centers claiming unbelievable success rates and "English" friendly staff. Our program at Hospital San Javier is the only program in Mexico operating with U.S. IVF scientist and technician supervision! Call us ((818) 728-4600 - from U.S. Telephones) and we will explain these important differences to you... In perfect English! For those interested in our Los Angeles and New York city acclaimed programs, you may call, email or click the Appointment scheduling request tabs for a rapid, personal response form one of our highly experienced and trained fertility counselors.

For the many patients that seek us out after failing IVF cycles elsewhere, we are the area's and one of the nation's leading PGD centers. Adding PGD genetic analysis to study the true health of your embryos prior to their being returned to you has resulted in markedly enhanced pregnancy rates in patients with a history of prior IVF failure. Assisting the Doctors with your world class IVF care is a team of Ph.D. embryologists, highly skilled IVF technologists, Ph.D. reproductive hormone specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and a full support staff of specialists in insurance and reimbursement issues, national and international scheduling and more. To tour a portion of our state of the art IVF facilities, we invite you to click here and observe the most advanced IVF laboratory facilities in the Western United States.

We operate an in-house acupuncture facility with Board Certified Oriental Medicine specialists available to provide the documented benefits of acupuncture to those who seek such treatment enhancements. You could not make a better decision than to allow the experts at The Fertility Institutes the opportunity to assist you in pursuit of your dream of a healthy pregnancy.

IVF Procedure Fees

Fees represent estimates for the average patient seen and are subject to minor variations (additional charges for medications are indicated as +Rx). Financial assistance is available and insurance coverage may be applicable in some cases.

Procedure Fees

IVF Standard Package

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for discounted pricing

Limited time "inflation beater" pricing in Los Angeles for standard IVF: $7,000.  Medication extra. Lowest U.S. cost. Guadalajara IVF: $5,000

IVF Low Cost, 2 Cycle Package

2 cycles: Call Now +Rx

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for discounted pricing details. Lowest price in Western United States. Los Angeles office only.

IVF Single Cycle

Call Now +Rx

Please call (818) 728-4600 or (212) 725-1177 for discounted pricing details and enrollment. Limited time only. Offer expires May 30, 2024. No lower U.S. price.

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