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World's Only Fully Integrated Gay Surrogacy Program

Our gay surrogacy centers are the largest providers of parenthood options to the worldwide gay community. We are well aware of the patient "run-around" aspects encountered by hopeful new parents when dealing with many other providers of similar services. To assure that our patients do not have to endure the non-centralized hardships encountered with most centers offering surrogacy services, our center incorporates all aspects of the gay surrogacy process into one centralized location: Dedicated Expert, Sub-Specialist, Physicians, Surrogates, Egg Donors, Surrogacy, Egg Donor Contract Attorneys and Fertility Laboratories. This tight integration of services allows those considering this parenthood option the ability to have all of their questions, needs and desires addressed by a sensitive, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff dedicated to assuring that the complex route to gay parenthood is an anxiety free, joyful experience.

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International Programs Available!

We are pleased to announce that all medical services offered by The Fertility Institutes are available internationally. We work with affiliate clinics in over 42 countries.

How it Works: Gay Surrogacy Tiers

To facilitate your understanding of the complex arrangements that must take place in order to assure a successful egg donor-surrogacy cycle, we divide the process into 4 tier levels. While each level is as important as the next, such a division helps clarify the process and make it easy to understand how we proceed efficiently through the arrangements that will make your dream of parenthood a reality:

Tier 1
Selection of a Fertility Center

While various arrangements are made by those seeking egg donors and surrogates at various centers, at The Fertility Institutes, with nearly three decades of experience with arrangements for gay parents, we have found the most efficient and least stress inducing arrangements are those in which we, at the Center assist you with ALL of the necessary details in arranging your treatment cycle. While nearly all competing centers only utilize outside egg donor and surrogacy agencies, as well as outside psychologists and attorneys, at The Fertility Institutes, we offer the option of keeping the majority of the process internal. While we certainly can work with those that have located their egg donor and or surrogate independently or with reputable agencies, we have found that by allowing our physicians to become involved in the screening process of egg donors and surrogates, you are assured a more thorough evaluation and screening than that routinely provided by outside sources. In addition to the rigorous screening of our in-house egg donors and surrogates, we are very selective in our choice of outside agencies, preferring to work with those that allow the screening process details to be ordered and specified by us. We also serve as patient advocates, your advocates as we are often able to reign in the runaway fees demanded by some agencies and their donors or surrogates.

The early selection of a Center to assist with your plans is crucial to allowing the process that will lead you to parenthood to proceed. As surrogacy options in the United States become increasingly limited as a result of the dwindling supply of well qualified U.S. surrogates from states that allow surrogacy and the ever increasing demand for these women, the Fertility Institutes organization has responded and is the ONLY U.S. PROGRAM with direct ownership of surrogacy programs in both Mexico and India. While current Indian law prohibits the use of Indian surrogates for gay singles or couples, Mexican legislation allows for totally legal surrogacy for gays. The program operated by the Fertility Institutes at our Mexican facility has been deemed a fully qualified center to provide these services by Mexican authorities.While the majority of our surrogacy matches for our gay patients is with qualified U.S. surrogates, our Mexican match option, with the associated cost savings is growing monthly. As soon as you indicate to us your desire to proceed, all available options, domestic U.S.A. and foreign options will be detailed for you.You will be provided direct guidance and counseling by our physicians and nurses about the course of action most suitable to meet your needs and desires. In many instances, matches with a suitable surrogate can occur in as short as 30 days following the completion of your intake evaluations.Because all subsequent treatment arrangements will need to await completion of your intake evaluations, you are encouraged to schedule these physical examinations and blood tests as soon as possible. At the time initial semen specimens are requested for sperm counts and other suitability evaluations, you (the sperm donor(s)) will be asked to undertake infectious disease blood testing that will include HIV (AIDS) testing, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and HIV I and II testing. You, in most instances will also be required to be tested for the cystic fibrosis carrier state, chlamydia, mycoplasma, CMV and perhaps other genetic screening tests depending upon your own personal history(ies). If interested in proceeding as soon as possible, the arrangements to meet and secure a potential surrogate mother can begin at the same time the qualification studies begin. While this is occurring, selection of your egg donor, described below may begin immediately and the treatment of you and your selected egg donor may begin as soon as you have made your choice. It will typically take from six to twelve weeks to complete all of the legal arrangements for successful surrogacy. If arrangements are begun immediately, by the time the contracts with your surrogate are signed and finalized, your embryos may have been produced by treatment of you and your chosen donor. As soon as you have chosen a surrogate, your awaiting embryos may be transferred to the surrogate mother. All intake studies are performed to assure the best and safest chances for a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Tier 2
Selection of an Egg Donor

At the time of you first visit with us, you will be given an opportunity to review the selection of egg donors available. This is done so that you may get a feel for the high quality of the young women available. At this point, the actual selection of your donor may be carried out. As your intake evaluations and paperwork are completed, the donor will complete her final screening on your behalf and will be medically prepared for the egg donation process. You will be asked to provide sperm to be used for the fertilization process. Once the eggs have been produced by the donor, your screened sperm will be ised to create the embryos that will then be stored for transfer to your surrogate as soon as she is chosen, is screened and prepared to receive the embryo(s).

Tier 3
Selection of a Surrogate

We will begin the surrogate match process by providing you details of the surrogates that we have available as soon as you formally enroll in the program and request that the surrogate match process begin. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of surrogates we interview are willing to carry a pregnancy for gay males. You will not have to worry about this, as any and all surrogates that we present to you will have indicated their willingness to carry for gay or single males. Once you express interest in a particular surrogate from the verbal description and details of her history that we present you, we can arrange for you to meet her and perhaps a second alternate surrogate at your convenience.

Our surrogate "match" rate with gay and single males is approximately 97%. This means that 97% of the time, once each meets the other, both the surrogate and the father(s) to be agree to work together. If the surrogate you choose has been recruited directly by our program (about 40% of all surrogates), we will put you in contact with the surrogacy attorneys that will begin drafting the contract that will guide us through the conduct of your surrogacy cycle. If the surrogate is from one of our affiliated agencies, we will put you in contact with the agency facilitator who will provide you the details of interfacing with the agency and the surrogate.

Gay Surrogacy Option in Mexico

The Fertility Institutes operate the longest established fertility and IVF Center in Mexico. We have been providing services in Mexico directly and through our Mexican hospitals (San Javier, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta ) and professional Reproductive Endocrinologist staff members since 1992. The Mexican State of Tabasco enacted a surrogacy legalization bill in 2013 allowing for Mexican citizen residents of the State of Tabasco to give birth as surrogate mothers to the babies of both domestic and foreign parents. Mexican law recognizes the genetic parents of the baby born to be the only parents of a baby born with a binding surrogacy arrangement in place. Mexican law places no restrictions on surrogacy based upon the marital status or sexual orientation of the parent(s).

With the recent retraction of the law in India allowing surrogate mothers to give birth to children of gay or single parents and the major political unrest and uncertainty in Thailand, this Mexican option presents a wonderful alternate option to gay (and straight) parents to be. The Fertility Institutes maintain a Division of our U.S. based surrogacy program in Mexico. We have been successful in facilitating the successful birth and establishment of U.S. citizenship to gay parents of the first new babies under the newly enacted Tabasco surrogacy law. We have also teamed with surrogate specialist agents and attorneys in Mexico who have asked us to open our program to their clientele. ALL care of the surrogate and pregnancy remain under the guidance of the Board Certified fertility specialists at the Fertility Institutes. If interested in this option, please feel free to contact us.

Legal Work and the Attorneys

Once the above processes are complete, we will then turn the case over to our specialized gay surrogate attorneys who will begin processing the surrogacy contract on your behalf. Your interface with the attorney(s) may involve a combination of telephone consultations and personal visits. The attorneys will serve as your legal consultants and will advise you concerning the wide range of issues that are involved in the drafting of a surrogacy agreement that will protect the interests of all involved. Your attorney will negotiate with the surrogate concerning those issues that need to be detailed in the agreement. Issues such as the number of embryos to be transferred, multiple birth, the choice of obstetricians, insurance availability and coverage and birth certificate details will be gone over in detail with you. Providing the attorney with your thoughts, wishes and desires concerning these and many other questions will facilitate the drafting of your contract. Your attorney will consult with your proposed surrogate as well, assuring that her expectations are addressed and dealt with in the wording of your agreement. Once you are satisfied with the contract, it will be presented to your surrogate who will be asked to review the proposal with her own, independent legal counsel. Once all parties are in agreement and the contract is consummated, we can proceed quickly with the arrangements to begin the treatment cycle. Contracts may take from six to twelve weeks to draft, depending upon a multitude of factors that may include the State or country of residence of the potential parents, individual preferences concerning details of how the embryos will be handled, insurance and employment issues and more.

Once we know that a surrogate has been chosen, we can present to you the egg donors that are available for selection. We maintain an extensive listing of donors. Most of our donors are recruited though our own in-house program, allowing us to carry out a quite detailed screening process on them. We can also facilitate your selection of a donor from an outside agency. We insist that donors from outside agencies also go through our screening protocol for your safety.

Well aware of the fact that many of our patients travel to us from distant locations, we try everything in our power to facilitate productivity in trips made to our office. As the sperm quarantine nears an end, we like to get you back, and in one trip: meet the surrogate candidate(s), provide you a selection of egg donors, and allow you to meet with the surrogacy attorney.

Once all of this has been accomplished, we await the completion of the surrogacy agreement by your attorney. A final check is carried out to assure that all FDA required infectious disease screening is complete, all paperwork is in order and all participants have been provided all of the information regarding the services about to be carried out. Informed consent is obtained form all parties, and the treatment course begins.

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Written by Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg
Founder of The Fertility Institutes

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