Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico

One third of the price of the same procedure carried out at a U.S. Facility

Procedure Carried Out by U.S. Board Certified Physicians

The Board Certified physicians at the Fertility Institutes in Guadalajara offer highly cost effective tubal ligation reversal procedures at their Guadalajara Center. Patients from the United States and worldwide may take advantage of the extremely affordable prices for the reversal of previous tubal sterilizations. Prices in nearly all instances will be one third to one half of the price of the same procedure carried out at a U.S. hospital. Patients having their tubal ligation reversal procedures carried out in Guadalajara will be cared for by our U.S. supervised fertility specialists from the Fertility Institutes working together with a dedicated team of Guadalajara, Mexico based support staff, physicians and surgeons. The actual tubal ligation microsurgery procedure is carried out at the most advanced, modern and fully certified hospital in all of Mexico. Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara is distinguished for its long track record of safety and state of the art Gynecologic care, highly advanced facilities, staff and equipment. The hospital is one of the very few Mexican hospitals qualifying for Certification by the United States Joint Hospital Commission.

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Those U.S. and other non-Mexican patients enrolling in our program will have their pre-operative care managed by our U.S. offices and will then be cared for by Board Certified surgical specialists in Guadalajara. After a return home in as little as two days after the procedure, a variety of options for your postoperative care will be presented to you. Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico (population 4.5 million) is a modern urban metropolis and is served by over 30 major U.S. and foreign airlines. Details concerning transportation, hotels and the interface with the Hospital are provided upon enrollment and a wide array of available surgical dates will be offered. Current base pricing INCLUDES hospital fees as well. When considering prices, we urge you to question whether hospital charges are included in price quotes offered by many U.S. programs. In many instances you will find that, unlike the quotes below, competing quoted U.S. prices do NOT include hospital, anesthesia or surgicenter fees. In many instances you will also find that outpatient surgery centers or clinics rather than fully state of the art hospitals as in Guadalajara are to be used for your care.

Cost Comparison

Comparison of cost between Guadalajara, Mexico and Los Angeles.

Service Mexico Los Angeles
Microsurgical Tubal Ligation Reversal $3,800 $5,700
Anesthesia $500 $1,250
Hospital $4,200 $17,750
Total $8,500* $24,700*

*Not included:

  • Hospital Stay over 72 Hours
  • Initial Consultation and Pre-Operative Blood Work
  • Any Complications From Surgery
  • Travel and Lodging Expenses

For those interested in an alternative to tubal ligation reversal, please see our IVF information page.

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