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The Fertility Institutes offers the highest standard of reproductive medicine

The Fertility Institutes offers the highest standard of reproductive medicine
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World Leading Center for Virtually 100% Guaranteed Gender Selection using PGD Technology

A Leading World Center for 100% Guaranteed Sex Selection using PGD technology
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Our clinics offer leading IVF Programs with expert fertility evaluation and answers

Our clinics offer leading IVF Programs with expert fertility evaluation and answers
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Mexico Surrogacy Center

Affordable surrogacy programs at our Guadalajara Mexico Center

The "Hybrid" Mexican Gestational Surrogacy Program Coordinated and Managed by The Center for Fertility and Gynecology (CEFERG) and The Fertility Institutes' International Division.

Leading Mexico Surrogacy Programs

  • All-in-One Centers: Physicians, Surrogates, Donors, Attorneys
  • The ONLY U.S. program with ownership affiliations in Mexico
  • A world leading provider of surrogate gestational services
  • Large selection of well screened egg donors and surrogates
  • World's leading center for 100% gender selection
  • Critical procedures performed by MD and PhD specialists
  • Affordable high quality services
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Gestational Surrogacy Laws in Mexico

Groundbreaking advances in Gestational Surrogacy law in Mexico have allowed the fertility specialists at the Fertility Institutes, the premiere providers of gestational surrogacy services in the USA to expand their range of International surrogacy options available to all patients:

Tabasco, Mexico Law | 92nd Article

The recently (2012) enacted 92nd Article of Tabasco's Civil Code states that : "In the case of children born as the result of the participation of a gestational substitute mother, parenthood will be presumed by the contracting parent when he/she registers the child's birth, since this action implies the acceptance of the parenthood."

Tabasco, Mexico Law | 347th Article

The 347th Article of Tabasco's Civil Code states that "If a second woman participates in the reproductive process, the contracting parent will be presumed as the legal parent, whether she provides the egg or not. This is when the gestational substitute mother is not the biological mother of the child and it is born as a result of an embryo transfer. In this case, the contracting mother should be considered as the legal mother of the child". This has also been deemed by Courts in the State of Tabasco to also mean that one can have ONE name on a birth certificate.
Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico

Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico

Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico

As a result of this legislation, The Fertility Institutes have been providing successful gestational surrogacy services to their clientele since inaction of the legislation through the long established (20 years) offices and IVF laboratories of CEFERG, the Fertility Institutes and Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico. We have been responsible for many of the first successful births in Tabasco utilizing the services of gestational surrogates recruited and screened by the Fertility Institutes. These surrogates have carried pregnancies established by the Fertility Institutes on behalf of our patients in both the USA and in Mexico and utilizing the eggs (oocytes) of parents to be, anonymous egg donors and with frozen embryos transported to Mexico for transfer to gestational surrogates. Low cost, fully legal gestational surrogacy in Mexico is now a reality. Please read on to understand how the Fertility Institutes are the ONLY U.S. surrogacy providers able to offer you the option of using a gestational surrogate in Mexico without sacrificing any of the high quality U.S. based fertility care you have come to expect of U.S. Board certified specialists in a U.S. based fertility program that has extended their reach to now include the finest in Mexican based gestational surrogacy. We are able to offer surrogacy care that begins with your treatment in either the United States or at our Center in Guadalajara and follows with transfer of your pregnancy to a Mexican surrogate. As a result, we term our program a "hybrid". That is, the bulk of your care may be undertaken in our world renown U.S. program, with your egg retrieval at either our Los Angeles or New York city centers OR at our Guadalajara center with the same U.S. physicians and scientists attending and providing care at the Mexico facility. Your surrogacy may then actually be established by shipping your embryos from Los Angeles or New York to Guadalajara or if the egg retrieval is performed in Guadalajara, the embryos may be transferred directly to a highly screened and prepared surrogate mother in Mexico. In all cases, all treatment is overseen and managed by the renown specialists of the Fertility Institutes.

Additional Hybrid Surrogacy Details and Options

Our "hybrid" program allows you (or your chosen U.S. or non-U.S. egg donor) to undergo the egg harvest procedure in our certified and U.S. licensed and registered New York or Los Angeles facilities or at our distinguished center at Hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, Mexico. The embryos resulting from an egg harvest procedure in the U.S. are then cryopreserved (frozen) and subsequently transferred to our IVF laboratory and clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico. If you choose to have an egg retrieval directly in Guadalajara, we provide options of direct transfer to a prepared Mexican surrogate mother or cryopreservation of the embryos retrieved in Guadalajara for transfer to your Mexican surrogate at a future date. There is NO difference in pregnancy rates between the transfer of fresh embryos or cryopreserved, vitrified embryos. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and has long been a mecca of "medical tourism" with thousands of U.S. and other patients traveling to Mexico yearly to take advantage of the very high quality medical care offered at very reduced prices in a variety of medical specialties. But your care in our hybrid program provides even more. The Board Certified U.S. physicians responsible for your care in New York or Los Angeles will personally assume the care of your chosen surrogate in Mexico. Your U.S. physicians and their Mexican associates at the Fertility Institutes are the ONLY U.S. physicians currently able to provide the care to Mexican surrogates. All other surrogacy programs must turn over care of your embryos to Mexican physicians with non U.S. credentials. Only at the Fertility Institutes do your embryos and surrogates remain under the care of your U.S. based fertility specialists at all times. No other program in the U.S., Mexico or anywhere else in the world can make this offer. You may rest assured that at all times, you embryos and surrogate remain under the care of your U.S. based fertility team! Following transfer of your embryos to your Mexican surrogate, she will remain under the care of The Fertility Institutes and their team at CEFERG in Guadalajara through the remainder of the pregnancy. This allows for your surrogate to remain under the watchful supervision of your Board Certified U.S. physicians who are able to provide U.S. level Obstetrical prenatal care including all advanced 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester diagnostic prenatal care. All prenatal visits take place at Mexico's most advanced Obstetrical units and you are constantly updated on the progress of your advancing pregnancy. Parents to be are welcome to visit your surrogate and her Obstetrician at any time during the pregnancy.

Your Surrogacy Agent

All medical services to both you and your surrogate are provided by The Fertility Institutes hybrid program prior to delivery. As in any surrogacy program anywhere in the world including the U.S., there are many additional aspects of surrogacy, including the procurement of your surrogate as well as the subsequent delivery of your baby along with many non-medical details that must be included in and integrated into your total surrogacy experience. To assure that the very important ancillary requirements of surrogacy including the vital procurement of your screened and qualified high quality surrogate, as well as the legal and social details related to the delivery and birth of your child in the State of Tabasco are handled at a professional level you come to expect of the Fertility Institutes, the following arrangements are included in our comprehensive surrogacy package. This package is available by arrangement with International surrogacy agencies known for their efficiency, attention to vital details and familiarity with all critical immigration issues involving gestational surrogacy. You will be assigned and aligned with an agency operating in accordance with your specific needs and requirements. This is the optimal way of assuring that patients of the Fertility Institutes receive U.S. quality care and attention at all times.

Step 1: Getting Started

Beginning the gestational surrogacy process with the intent of utilizing a Mexican gestational surrogate mother begins with a call or visit to any of the offices of the Fertility Institutes. We maintain a staff of highly experienced physicians, nurses and scientists at each location. These professionals will explain the process and begin the preparations for your treatment cycle. For those planning to use U.S. based egg donors, you will be provided a comprehensive listing of many, many well qualified young women available to donate eggs to you. If using a donor, you may be able to secure your choice in as little as 24 hours. If you prefer to wait, or require additional time to consider your choices, accommodations will be made. At the time of your intake consultation, you can undertake the blood testing needed to allow us to safely use your sperm, and if not using an egg donor, your own eggs for use with the surrogate. The turn-around time for the blood testing is 4-7 days. Once the tests have been reported as satisfactory and, if using an egg donor, the donor is secured the cycle may begin as soon as you (your eggs) or your donor (donor eggs) begins a menstrual period. As your treatment begins, your agent in Mexico will begin securing and screening your surrogate. The time to secure a surrogate may range from 30-90 days. All surrogates in Mexico are subject to the same testing of medical, infectious disease, social and legal parameters carried out by the Fertility Institutes in the United States on U.S. surrogate mothers.

Following 2-4 weeks of initial fertility treatment, your eggs will have been harvested and fertilized in our U.S. (or at your choice, Mexico) location. If you have requested gender selection or extended genetic "aneuploidy" screening of your embryos, this will be carried out. Once your embryos reach the proper stage of development, they will be either be cryopreserved (frozen) (ALL U.S. and some Guadalajara egg retrievals) and stored for use and transfer to our Mexico IVF center or transferred fresh (some egg retrievals in Guadalajara) to the waiting surrogate.

When you choose your surrogate mother after interfacing with our agent in Mexico, our Mexican surrogacy attorney will draft your government approved surrogacy agreement. You will also be asked to enter into a U.S. egg donor (if one is used) and surrogacy agreement with the Fertility Institutes. Your surrogate will be brought in to our facility in Guadalajara for her final screening. While this is occurring, your embryo transport from the U.S. to Guadalajara will be proceeding. Once your surrogate passes her final screening, your physicians at the Fertility Institutes will begin treatment of the surrogate to prepare her uterus to receive your embryos. Details such as the timing of your embryo transfer, the number of embryos to be transferred, and all other important medical details will be gone over with you in great detail. Your embryo transfer will then be carried out by your U.S. team of physicians and scientists in conjunction with Fertility Institutes physicians in Guadalajara. Your surrogate will continue to be monitored by our team in Guadalajara for two weeks until her pregnancy test becomes due. Current pregnancy rates with our hybrid Mexican surrogate program are equal to our U.S. program and far exceed 50% per attempt. In cases of pregnancy, details of the ongoing management may be found below. Should pregnancy fail to occur, immediate arrangements for a repeat cycle with remaining embryos or with a fresh cycle may be undertaken.

Step 2: Managing Your Pregnancy

Two weeks after the transfer of your embryos, we will carry out a blood based pregnancy test on your surrogate. We will have the results the same day and your U.S. based team will notify you of the results. If positive, additional blood studies necessary to monitor the new pregnancy will be carried out and your U.S. based team will begin peripheral monitoring and management of the pregnancy through our Guadalajara based team. Your surrogate, who will be initially housed in Guadalajara, will be monitored in a manner identical to the monitoring carried out in our U.S. program. You will be provided updates on a regular basis and may feel free to travel to Guadalajara at any time to visit with your surrogate or attend your obstetrical visits which are carried out at the Obstetrical offices of the CEFERG, Fertility Institutes in Guadalajara.

Your Cost Savings

You have chosen THE most experienced, longest established and ONLY U.S. - Mexican dual based medical team with a track record of successful surrogate pregnancy in Mexico. It is our hope to be able to provide you the wonderful option of gestational surrogacy with a cost saving that can be as much as $70,000 LESS than similar U.S. based arrangements. By assuring that you will be dealing with American, English speaking physicians, scientists and nurses along with our Mexican team that remain under our direct supervision at all times, we can hopefully offer you this opportunity with a minimum of stress, anxiety or concern.

Our "Package" price generally includes:

  • Surrogate Recruitment and Screening
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Donor agency compensation
  • Surrogate psych counseling and medical review
  • Legal agreement between intended parents and surrogate
  • All pre-transfer medical testing of surrogates
  • All medications for surrogate
  • IVF/ICSI cycle and fresh or frozen embryo transfer to surrogate
  • Payment to surrogate for embryo transfer as applicable
  • Travel expenses for surrogate (accommodations, flights, meals)
  • Embryo freezing for 6 months
  • Ground transfers for parents donors and surrogates for stage 1
  • Ultrasound at week 5
  • Normal Vaginal Delivery

Here is what is NOT included:

  • Donor (if any) travel, hotel, and meals*
  • Father(s) travel, hotel, and meals*
  • Father(s) passport
  • Donor's passport
  • PESA or TESA (for difficult sperm cases)
  • PGD (Gender selection)
  • Egg Sharing
  • Sperm Sorting
  • Surrogate housing for months 4 through 9 (only $700/month) includes meals
  • In case of twins $6000 extra
  • Cesarean Delivery $750 Extra
  • Medical Emergencies for the surrogate, donor or baby

*Let us book your travel for you. We have excellent rates.



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